Reasons to Choose Lake County

Lower Operating Costs

The cost of doing business in Lake County is significantly lower than in neighboring urban areas - from lower real estate prices to lower labor costs.

A Workforce That Values Local Job Opportunities

The rural character of Lake County and its relative proximity to urban areas prompts approximately 20% of the area's workforce to commute out of the county for employment. For an employer considering locating to Lake County, this can mean a pool of skilled workers eager for and committed to local job opportunities.

An Affordable Real Estate Market

Compared to the greater Bay Area and Sacramento Valley, Lake County's real estate market is affordable, which can help lower your project's upfront costs and provide a wide range of affordable options for employee housing.

A Forward-Thinking, Proactive County Government

The County is actively supportive of economic growth and is especially interested in attracting innovative companies, high-quality development, and compatible industry with the goal of creating new employment opportunities for residents.

Collaborative County Agencies That Will Work One-on-One with You

Economic Development and Community Development teams will personally work with you to understand your specific needs, make suggestions for potential locations, and facilitate meetings with key agencies. An experienced County planner will guide you through the permitting process.

An Entrepreneurial Business Climate

Entrepreneurs are at the heart of Lake County, and the business climate reflects the passion for entrepreneurship with strong local business associations and two active Chambers of Commerce.

An Impressive Quality of Life

One of California's hottest new wine destinations, Lake County is home to Clear Lake - the largest natural freshwater lake in California and possibly the oldest lake on the continent - and Mount Konocti, an ancient volcano that recently opened to offer one of the newest day hikes in the state. Clean air, scenic beauty, fine wines, and unsurpassed recreation.

The Cleanest Air in California - 22 Years in a Row

In fact, Lake County tied with Maui for the number 6 spot on the list of cleanest counties in the nation for year-round particle pollution in the American Lung Association's 2011 State of the Air Report.

Approximately 265 Days of Sunshine Per Year

Located midway between the Pacific Coast and the Central Valley, Lake County rarely experiences coastal or valley fog, unlike the coastal and valley regions. This translates into lots of sunshine. In fact, Lake County sees, on average, approximately 265 days of clear or partly clear skies, with an approximate annual average of 78% of possible sunshine.